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Creato appositamente per l'utilizzo con i plotter da stampa DTG , semplifica il processo di stampa ... Kothari Print Pro è il primo software che automatizza il processo di generazione del layer bianco per maglia nera o colorata, offre tutte le caratteristiche essenziali per la soluzione professionale di riproduzione delle immagini su capi di abbigliamento.



  1. Apro il file
  2. Scelgo la dimensione di stampa
  3. Seleziono la tipologia di tessuto che sto stamapndo : maglia bianca , nera o colorata
  4. Stampo


  • Il rip di stampa ottimizza in automatico l'immagine per le diverse tipologie di maglia utilizzando il bianco solo quando necessario , ad esempio su maglia nera utilizzerà il nero del tessuto nei punti neri dell'immagine rendendo la stampa più leggera al tatto, sprecando meno inchiostro e enfatizzando il tessuto utilizzato.
  • Suddivide la maglie in 9 posizioni chiedendo all'utente il punto in cui si vuole stampare l'immagine centrandola automaticamente
  • Immagazzina le scelte effettuate di posizione , dimensione tipologia di tessuto ecc in una coda di lavoro per permettere la ri-stampa immediata !
  • Ottimizza il processo di sip dell'immagine stampando in contemporanea evitando inutile attese
  • Auto creazione del layer trasparente


  • Permette una gestione avanzata di tutte le impostazioni dell' immagine
  • Impostazione delle trasparenze
  • Gestione del colore e dei profili colore icc (compresa la crezione di nuovi profili con spettofotometro)
  • Gestione dell'underbase choke del layer del bianco
  • Gestione manuale delle cordinate x e y della posizione di stampa
  • Transparency generator : è possibile rendere un colore trasparente (utile per utilizzare il colore naturale del tessuto)
  • Possibilità di scelta manuale della risoluzione di stampa , bidirezionale/monodirezionale , del numero delle passate del bianco , e molto altro ancora.
  • Bi-interpolazione cubica per la produzione di alta qualità.
  • Visual Ripping - Vedere ciò che accade su ogni pagina prima che venga inviato alla stampante.




About the Product
With its simplified workflow, Print Pro V 3.0 makes large/grand format Signage and Digital textile printing simpler than before. Its simplified methods of device calibration along with easy to operate and use color correction tools coupled with necessary visualization at every step of operation makes it all very simple. You can use the same tool for proofing your multi-channel images on your digital printer. The software composes the multi-channel image (can also apply different raster to each channel) and then converts it into the format understood by your printer. All done on the fly while printing.

Kothari Print Pro v 3.0 with its features like seamless step and repeat for textile printing, Postscript level 3.0 support, simultaneous RIP and Print, RIP once and Print many, advanced dither for smooth rendering of images on the printer and capacity to drive multiple printers simultaneously becomes a necessary tool for a digital textile printer or a digital signage printer. It supports bi-cubic interpolation when enlarging the images, while outputting to the printer to ensure best quality output. Large array of color correction filters eliminates the need of specialized software.

Application Areas

  • Digital textile printing.

  • Large/Grand format signage printing.

  • Large/Grand format screen/film making for conventional printing purposes (screen/offset both), including.

- Textile printing houses.
- Commercial print production environments for making films/service bureau.
- Screen making for Ceramic printing.
- Wallpaper industry

Benefit Package

- Enjoy high production throughput and increased reliability.
- Color profiling software at no extra cost.
- No more you have to struggle to get the colors right. With color profiling software get the color tones right for your printing setup.
- User-friendly interface.
- Requires least attention and vigilance at the time of printing.
- Print virtually any size at any resolution.
- Page layout capabilities.
- Drive more than 1 printer with your software.
- Add support for new devices without going for a software upgrade.
- Do digital textile printing with the same software.
- Step n Repeat for textile and wallpaper printing.
- Ability to drive efficiently a large number of wide format printers from Encad, Epson, DGI, HP, Matan, Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland. Driver support for more than 150 printers.
- Driver support for Gretag Macbeth ‘Spectrolino’ and ‘Eye-One Pro’ spectrophotometer.
- Create films/screen for the purpose of conventional printing. Allows you to create high quality stochastic as well as regular halftone screens. Over 33 different regular halftone shapes supported.
- Port manager with support for FireWire*, USB, TCP/IP, Parallel and serial port support.
- The full feature set includes the ability to RIP, Convert for visual editing, place, view, soft proof or preflight (by the help of preview facility) PS level, DCS 2.0, EPS or PDF 1.4 files.


  • Image Handling

  • Image Adjustment

  • Page Layout/Nesting

  • Printing

  • Color Management

  • Spectrophotometer Support

  • Screening Support

  • Film/Screen Production

  • Printer Support

  • Printer Queue

  • Port Manager

  • Other Essentials

  • Textile Printing

  • Proofing
About the Product
Kothari Print-Pro V 1.0 from Kothari Info-Tech Ltd. is Ripping software, designed to bring large format screen making to your desktop. Its screening modules bring the professional engraving solution closer into the hands of the designer. This powerful software package created especially for the needs of the screen printers and can be used for signboard printing for the entry-level user. It provides you with solutions that were traditionally possible only with high-end Postscript printers and RIPS. It gets closer to the designer by understanding the design formats directly and ripping them to any Windows compatible printers and Image setters.

Any form of large format screen making and printing process including,
- Textile printing houses.
- Commercial print production environments for making films/service bureau.
- Screen making for Ceramic printing.
- Wallpaper industry.
- Large format signboard printing.


- Print Images at unlimited resolution with virtually unlimited size.
- Creating color proofs with halftones applied at user defined angles and frequencies are as easy as a matter of click of a button.
- For textile printers, it drastically reduces the time and labor in step and repeat and joint making.
- Nesting – a very powerful feature for saving expensive media by placing multiple jobs on the same page. You can apply different screening options to each job on the page.
- Free Tool to generate stochastic screen. Essential feature for HiFi color printing.
- User friendly Interface.
- Extend the functionality of your image setter RIPS at fraction of the cost.
- No special hardware needed. Works on any MS Windows compatible PC.
- Works very well with the most popular file formats like Adobe Photoshop’s PSD, Tiff, PS, DCS 2.0, EPS and PDF.

Product Features

Auto Tiling
Automatically breaks up large jobs into multiple pages with user specified overlapping on page boundaries to make task of stitching these pages simpler.

ICC based color workflow
Its integrated color management system offers monitor calibration, uses embedded ICC profiles in the image files or assigns default profiles to RGB and CMYK images.

Irregular dubbing

Support for laying out multiple small jobs on a single page – A media saving feature.

Simulates the actual print by putting raster in different screens and printing the combined result. This helps in detecting the errors early in pre-press stages, and cuts down the costs involved in traditional/sampling process.

Step and repeat
Whether it is straight repeat or cross repeat or any other repeat, Print Pro handles them with great ease. All you need to do is to specify what repeat setting to follow for this image.

Visual Ripping
Preview what goes on every page before it is sent to the printer.

Other Features

- Recognizes BMP, PCX, GIF, PNG, JPG, TGA, multi-channel file formats like Tiff and Adobe PhotoShop’s PSD, PS, DCS 2.0, EPS and PDF.
- Handles large size images with ease by the help of Memory management system that uses Hard disk as scratch space.
- Halftoning in different shape, size and angle.
- High precision screens with accurate angles and rulings
- 33 different built in halftone shapes.
- Special honeycomb screens for rotary screens (A technology for textile printing)